Summer Time Cocoa Fruit Blend (Light Roast)

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Summer Time Cocoa Fruit Blend embodies the refreshing spirit of summer with its vibrant and invigorating flavors. The combination of fruit and citrus creates a tantalizing sensation reminiscent of sun-kissed orchards and tropical breezes.

The subtle hints of milk chocolate and almonds add a creamy texture and nutty undertones that perfectly complement the brightness of the fruit. This coffee is a delightful escape to warmer climates, offering a taste of summer in every sip.

Whether enjoyed over ice or as a chilled beverage, it’s the ideal companion for lazy days by the beach or leisurely picnics in the park, making it an essential addition to any summer experience.

– Size: 12oz (340g)
– Light roast
– Flavor notes: fruit, citrus, chocolate and almonds.

Packaging height 9.02″
Packaging width 4.02″
Packaging depth 2.99″


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